Why Nexio?

Our profession occupies nearly half our active life. So, let's make this time as comfortable and agreeable as possible!

Here are some of the principles established at Nexio that will encourage you to apply with us!

  • Encourage the sharing of knowledge: we frequently organize lunch n'learn events that bring colleagues together around a meal to share best practices and advice.
  • Offer preferential rates with a diverse group of companies: some of the offers available to our employees include STM, AMT, BIXI, Altitude Sports, Nautilus, Énergie Cardio, Linen Chest and Albi le Géant.
  • Fun activities: our social club organises various contests (ex: dessert contest), cultural activities, BBQ's, ski evenings, Christmas party, etc.
  • Relaxation and recreation: a game room with a babyfoot table is available to employees to enjoy during their break.
  • Access to a fully equipped kitchen: a kitchen where employees can enjoy espresso, fruit and vegetable juice, fruit baskets and bagels.
  • Ideal office location: a highlight of our office is its central location (Place des Arts), an attraction for shoppers, festival fans and choice of restaurants.
  • Building the best teams: at Nexio we have a passion for IT. Our employees are ambitious and proud to meet the challenges they face.
Inspired? At Nexio we firmly believe that atmosphere and personal development are linked to motivation.